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SCP 35 Christen Andrews aka Sergeant Andrews
Episode 358th April 2021 • The Shop and Chivalry Podcast • Brian Belford
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My guest today is a member of the United States Air Force, and a recruiter too. Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Christen Andrews is a recruiter for the Air Force in South Mississippi. He’s a former air transportation technician. In the Air Force, recruiting is a special assignment. Anyone, from any career field, can be a recruiter. After is 3-4 years, he’ll return to his job. For now, he’s a recruiter conveying the Air Force mission and purpose to anyone who may be interested.

 TSgt Andrews is more than a recruiter; he’s more than an air transportation tech; he’s more than an Airman. We talk about his time during childhood where he was raised alongside nearly 10 brothers and sisters under the strict rule of a Marine father. We have a great laugh about his experience surrounding smuggling candy. He discusses his own anger issues and his work to get to the bottom of those issues while in the service. Those issues nearly cost him his career. Truly, he potentially could not be in the service today if not for the work of his superiors who saw something special in him.

Christen is responsible for a viral video about the Air Force. His production prowess came to realization with his viral acceptance of his video of #TeamBlue. His video was reshared by headquarters Air Force and the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force.

TSgt Andrews is well spoken and carries with him the stature of a giant, and a leader. He’s formidable at first glance, but is also calm and welcoming. It was a pleasure to sit and talk with him. He also shows the complexity of humans and how we are constantly in a state of change and improvement. I found comfort in how relatable that is. I felt as though I’ve known this dude for years and I think that comes off in the interview. I hope you all enjoy the episode! I’ve watched it twice since I recorded it!!!!!


Everyone, please welcome, TSgt Christen Andrews.


The views, opinions, and attitudes contained in this interview are those of the individuals present and do not in any way reflect the views, opinions, and attitudes of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the Federal Government in any way, explicitly or implied.

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