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Ep 09: The Truth About Alcohol & Sleep
Episode 914th March 2024 • The Big Drink Rethink • Anna Donaghey
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Today Anna explores the relationship between alcohol and sleep with certified Sleep Consultant, Maryanne Taylor. Get ready to challenge your beliefs about nightcaps and nocturnal rest, as we discuss the not-so-sweet dreams that booze can bring.

Maryanne shares her own experiences with disrupted sleep and anxiety, shining a light on the common yet misunderstood label of 'insomniac.' Whilst Anna, shares her stories of very broken, fitful sleep, as a result of drinking. 

Both look at alternatives to alcohol for winding down and re-evaluate how to approach nighttime routines. From journals to relaxation techniques, Maryanne offers healthier, actionable suggestions on how to improve and sustain better sleep.

Here are the highlights:

  • 04:06 Sleep linked to memory retention.
  • 09:24 Partial awakenings during sleep cycles affect awareness.
  • 11:12 Sleep cycles last about 45 minutes each.
  • 14:17 Alcohol disrupts sleep, and affects mood and balance.
  • 18:45 Alcohol disrupts the body's natural processes, causing fatigue.
  • 19:48 Excessive alcohol causes anxiety and sleep troubles.
  • 25:11 Good sleepers don't have a quick fix.
  • 29:35 Arguing against drinking for better sleep, suggesting alternatives.
  • 30:29 Recognise your sleep needs, replace alcohol with relaxation.
  • 33:47 Journaling is like clearing your mind's clutter.
  • 41:59 Alcohol disrupts the body's natural sedation processes.
  • 43:55 Patience and envisioning life without alcohol.
  • 47:50 Improving sleep is possible through self-awareness.

About Maryanne Taylor

Maryanne is a highly experienced Sleep Consultant with a passion for helping and supporting adolescents and adults overcome sleep challenges. She is the founder of The Sleep Works, a consultancy through which she  offers a signature 1:1 Transformation Programme, designed to address the unique needs of her clients. She guides and supports her clients through a comprehensive journey toward better sleep and improved well-being. She also shares her expertise through webinars,workshops, and sleep clinics, covering a wide range of sleep-related topics.

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About the host Anna:

Anna is a certified Alcohol Mindset Coach, trained by Annie Grace of This Naked Mind. Drawing on her own journey out of alcohol addiction, she now helps others explore and control their drinking. With a career spanning 25 years as a Strategist in the Advertising industry, she combines her own lived experiences, with great insight into what makes us tick and what influences us to behave the way we do.

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