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DW198: Build a Successful Freelance Business with Rai Hyde Cornell
Episode 19814th March 2023 • Dynamic Women® • With Diane Rolston
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Have you been thinking about having a freelance business? There are so many things to know, and it might feel a little intimidating to take that big leap. In this episode, Rai Hyde Cornell gives you tips and tricks on how to have a successful freelancing business. 

Don’t miss:

  • How Rai started her freelancing journey
  • What people can do if they don’t know what they’re good at
  • Where Rai got her clients from when she started freelancing
  • What Rai did when she hit burnout 
  • Where she found her energy and what she loves writing about
  • What W-2 means 
  • How freelancers can close clients without being salesy or icky
  • How freelancers can price themselves perfectly
  • Tips for freelancers on how to start building up their business through referrals
  • The best and hardest parts of being a freelancer
  • And much more!

Rai Hyde Cornell’s Bio: 

Rai Hyde Cornell has been freelancing for more than 16 years as a copywriter turned agency owner. Now, she's sharing all of her most powerful business AND manifestation hacks with other freelancers. As a business mentor at Chiron Consulting, Rai hosts barrier-shattering workshops on pricing, client acquisition, and mindset and works one-on-one with private clients to help them triple their incomes within one year. As an agency owner at Cornell Content Marketing, Rai builds and executes psychology-informed content strategies for her clients while training her team in efficient writing methods and the psychology of copywriting.

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