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640: The Unlikely Hero // Spiritual Lessons from Alfred the Great 01 (Eric Ludy)
14th June 2021 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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This is the exciting first episode of an epic summer Daily Thunder series drawing on the legendary life of Alfred the Great. Vegas odds are stacked against the Church of Jesus Christ in the year 2021 just as they were stacked against Alfred over eleven hundred years ago.

We appear weak, downtrodden, vulnerable, and on our heels. And yet, every great hero in Scripture starts in that exact position. God seems to delight in taking the least likely of circumstances and the least likely of people and showcasing His magnificent plot-twisting powers in and through them. In the year 872 the Vegas odds were against Alfred and his future portended hopelessness, yet all these many years later we refer to this guy, as Alfred the Great. Why? Because God enjoys proving the Vegas oddsmakers wrong.

Alfred’s story is remarkable, and ours should be, too.

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