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Eric & Jen | The Log Drivers Waltz Bikepacking Route
Episode 11213th July 2021 • Bikepack Adventures Podcast • Chris Panasky
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In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast, I have the chance to speak with Eric Betteridge and Jen Adams. Hailing from the Ottawa Capital Region, Eric and Jen have been bikepacking and adventuring all over the globe since at least the 1980s. More recently they have created an 800km bikepacking route that encircles the city of Ottawa and takes the rider through many historic areas that predate confederation. Join us on the journey of learning about The Log Driver's Waltz.

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Show Notes

~ 04m 45s     Intro to Eric and Jen

~ 11m 30s      Difference between bike touring and bikepacking

~ 15m 00s      Early bike touring experiences

~ 24m 33s     Bike touring as a family

~ 43m 20s     Developing the Log Driver's Waltz

~ 01h 38m     Trail Angels and where to find them

~ 01h 42m      Next time