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178 - The Adoptee's Aftermath, Jenni Alpert aka Cami
Episode 1784th June 2022 • Who Am I Really? • Damon L. Davis
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Singer/song writer Jenni Alpert, aka Cami, my guest from episode 96, is back to share an update on her life with her birth father, Don. Recall Jenni took on her birth nickname Cami and went under cover in the streets of Los Angeles to locate Don who was hiding from the law, using drugs, and living outside.

Using the tools in her belt that she'd accumulated throughout her life, Jenni became Don's advocate and introduced him to alternatives to life in the streets. When she revealed she was a musician, a creative partnership blossomed and they began performing together at non-profit homeless advocacy events, adoption and fostering events, and touring around the country.

Don is no longer with us, but Jenni is honoring her birth father by making her life's purpose to uplift others.

This is an update on Jenni's journey.

Go back and listen to: Episode 096 - The Safe Place That's Don's Place

  • Book: Home is Where the Heart is, An Adoption and Biological Reunion Story: A Memoir

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