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Interview with Vocal Coach for Singers & Speakers, Julia Langley - Part 2
Episode 8530th June 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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In the first part of my interview with Julia Langley, we discussed everything from how she’s transformed her career with life changing events to a few quick exercises that are great for helping singers and speakers to visualizing sound. I can’t wait for you to jump into this second part of our interview to hear the rest of the great advice and knowledge Julia shares with us.

We discuss:

  • How tone is perceived by an audience (in general)
  • The importance of projection and annunciation 
  • Bringing in dynamics to make vocals interesting
  • Improving your speaking voice for a podcast
  • Great for a podcast - calm vocals and clarity
  • Overcoming vocal battles
  • To improve your voice, record your voice and listen back
  • Where a vocal coach comes in
  • Being okay with who you aren’t
  • Knowing the things you’re not good at allows you to step into what you are good at
  • The need for breath support
  • Standing out
  • Embracing the little pieces of you that allow you to be identifiable
  • Tone and rhythm, how you breathe and where you breathe
  • Your own personal audio branding 
  • Catch phrases 
  • The importance of hearing something over and over again
  • Julia’s first thought when she originally heard the term “audio brand”
  • Where TV shows use their audio brand throughout the show
  • Musical themes across different media to create familiarity and comfort
  • Sound’s role in PTSD
  • Julia’s story with PTSD
  • PTSD makes a physical change in the body and you can’t control your body’s reactions
  • Learning to manage PTSD
  • Using singing as therapy for PTSD
  • Julia’s techniques for working through PTSD situations
  • The role listening to music plays in your brain and on your body
  • The role singing music plays in your brain and on your body
  • Resources to use music to help with PTSD
  • Long term memory and music
  • Julia’s new website and online course
  • All the questions Julia’s course answers


If you want to learn more about Julia or get in contact with her, check out these resources:

Resources on PTSD:

  • Book: “The Body Keeps The Score: Brain Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma” by Besser Van Der Kolk, M.D.
  • On Amazon video there is a great documentary that addresses PTSD - consequences and overcoming. It’s called “Quiet Explosions: Healing the Brain”

She has two upcoming projects on the subject: A book she’s writing in the early stages now called “A Warrior’s Hymn - How to bounce back from adversity and find the champion within”. And a podcast on the same topic.  

She’s also planning on having an online vocal training course by August 2021.

Julia’s website: (will be live by the time the episode is out)

Julia’s YouTube Channel: 

Julia’s Social Media: 

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