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Conversations for Change - Dolphin Kasper EPISODE 17, 29th January 2021
Episode #17 - Conversations for Change with Tony Esteves
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Episode #17 - Conversations for Change with Tony Esteves

In this episode, Dolphin talks to his friend and new author Tony Esteves. They discuss how Tony came to dedicate himself to meeting a new person everyday for a year and which led him to write a book about his experiences and the wisdom that he came to through his journey.

If you've ever felt lost, alone or disconnected from the meaning and purpose of your life, This conversation is for you! Tony shares practical tools and effective insights on how we can get over our limiting beliefs and self created obstacles to connecting with others. He points to ho choosing to become more open and being ready to initiate our interactions with others is a vehicle to get unstuck, cultivate new relationships and creating new opportunities in all areas of our lives. We touch on topics of mental illness, personal wellbeing, success, anxiety, depression and more!

Join us and take control of your most precious resource... your presence and capacity to grow yourself and the other people you connect with.

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