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Ep45 Blending Strategy & Tactics and the Modern Day Marco Polo
Episode 459th July 2020 • Inside: Sales Enablement • Scott Santucci, Brian Lambert
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Welcome to the Inside: Sales Enablement Podcast Episode 45

A Sales Enablement Orchestrator and Sales Enablement Insider joins our show to talk about blending strategy and tactics. Doug Clower is a 20 year Sales Enablement veteran with orchestration experience in companies like MicroFocus.

Doug joins the podcast to talk about the changing sales landscape and how Orchestrating success with sales, marketing, and operations leaders requires bridging the gap between their company’s business strategy, and the way customers need to buy.

This creates space:

  • between your company and your customers
  • between your growth plans and activities to drive quarterly results
  • between accomplishing goals and driving daily priorities
  • between the sophistication of know-how and the simplicity of action
  • between managing individual contribution and customer experiences
  • among specialized functional departments

Companies are structured in hierarchical functional silos making them unable to react quickly to the business landscape.

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