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John Saunders, "The Optimizer"
Episode 11017th March 2022 • Entelechy Leadership Stories • Kirstin Gooldy & Mark Stinson
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John Saunders spent many years as a Wall Street Senior Vice President, sales team leader, and award-winning sales executive. He followed his passion for helping others grow and founded a coaching and consulting company, Forward Advisory Solutions. He holds a BS from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from Georgetown University. Additionally, Saunders is a member of Georgetown McDonough’s MBA Alumni Advisory Council, an active angel investor, and is a formal Executive MBA mentor. 

As a lifelong learner, Saunders asserts that change is necessary in today’s business world and believes in empowering those he works with. In addition to writing, mentoring, and coaching, Saunders enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and exploring the outdoors.


"I wrote this book because I’ve found so many talented people in my life that never fulfilled their gifts because they see change and innovation as enormous with a high probability of failure. There is a better way. If you can build trust with your team and a safe road map for their growth, I believe everyone can be a contributor to driving incremental change in your organization. Not every idea will be an immediate game-changer. However, you can develop a process to consistently draw out your teams' creativity, manage the emotional hurdles of change, and generate customer value while delivering results."

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