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#119 - Hospitality Meets Olajide Alabi - The Equality & Wellbeing Facilitator
Episode 11917th August 2022 • Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street • Phil Street
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Before I started recording this episode with Olajide Alabi, Equality, Inclusion & Wellbeing Partner at Turtle bay restaurants (, I had no idea why it had taken me as long as it did to get him on the show. The answer to that becomes apparent as we chat.

There's so much joy in this chat from the off including:-

  • The heat
  • Shiny foreheads
  • Starting at TGI Fridays
  • Moving to hotels
  • Call centres
  • Finding home in restaurants
  • Management
  • Bad shift decision making
  • Building resilience
  • Challenging yourself
  • Internal recruitment
  • The Power of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Slag Lines
  • Wetherspoons poster boy
  • Being your authentic self
  • The Origins of SISU
  • Turtle Bay restaurants
  • Being anti-racist
  • Wellbeing
  • Food
  • Self reflection

Olajide is one of life's fun loving characters and he is without question at home in hospitality. In amongst all the fun in our chat there are loads of great takeaways around Equality and wellbeing and I am grateful we got the time we did.


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