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The Four Principles of Freedom Day
Episode 68th November 2021 • Freedom Nation Podcast • Jeff Kikel
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In previous episodes we discussed the different aspects of Freedom Day and what that means in your world. Today we would like to discuss the 4 key principles of Freedom Day. These principles are the guiding philosophy that we use to reach and go beyond our Freedom Day.

These principles are:

  1. Gain control of your finances by knowing your budget, reducing taxes, and eliminating debt.
  2. Calculate the price tag of your Freedom Day.
  3. Create a Freedom Engine that is a Business/Investment/or Sells Knowledge for Money.
  4. Once you are free, help others to experience their own Freedom Days.

Jeff Kikel has been in the Financial Services industry for over 25 years and is also an entrepreneur, owning 5 businesses. Jeff spent the early part of his career working for others. Jeff had started 5 businesses that failed before he had his first success. Since that time he has learned the principles of a successful business and has been able to build and grow multiple seven figure businesses. Jeff lives in the Austin area and is active working in his community and supporting the growth of small businesses. He is a board member of the Incubator.Edu program at Vista Ridge High School.

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