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041 - Authors' Retrospective of the The Middle East Crisis Factory
Episode 4111th March 2022 • Arab Tyrant Manual Podcast • Arab Tyrant Manual Podcast
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In this episode, Iyad and Ahmed interview each other about their own book, The Middle East Crisis Factory. They discuss the origin and context of the book, detail various struggles that were overcome through the writing process, and share their reflections on the project 12 months on from its publication.

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03:15 - What was your motivation in writing the book?

13:40 - Were you trying to influence policy?

19:35 - Why was this difficult to write for you?

20:20 - A quick summary of the "Vicious Triangle"

29:40 - What do you like about the book and what did you dislike?

34:50 - Which part of the book was most important to you?

38:15 - What would you do differently if you wrote it again?

40:00 - Who do you want this book to be read by?

41:50 - What do you want the reader to walk away having understood?

45:30 - If this book is the start of a conversation, what would you want that conversation to be?

49:00 - What worries you about this book, as the author?