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Yesterday's Sports - Sports History Network EPISODE 18, 30th March 2021
Paul Zimmerman's All-Time NFL List (Part 1)

Paul Zimmerman's All-Time NFL List (Part 1)

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Paul Zimmerman was a renaissance man of sports, so to speak–eloquent, prolific, and with a range of interests. He’s probably best known for his writing in Sports Illustrated.

No longer with us, Zimmerman passed away two years ago. He began working on a book in 2006, but a series of strokes in 2008 left him unable to finish it. Thankfully his friend and fellow sportswriter, Peter King, completed the task.

For me, Paul Zimmerman wasn’t just somebody I read. About twenty years ago, I reached out to him. I told him how much I enjoyed reading his work, and I also mentioned that I was an old-school football fan. I didn’t stop there. Audaciously, I shared the names of players on my all-time NFL team........

You can read the full blog post here.


Host Mark Morthier grew up in New Jersey just across the river from New York City during the 1970s, a great time for sports in the area. He relives great moments from this time and beyond, focusing on football, baseball, basketball, and boxing. You may even see a little Olympic Weightlifting in the mix, as Mark competed for eight years. See Mark's book below.

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