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128. How to build a $6M Pilates franchise, with Amanda Dell'Aquila and Simon Bryce
Episode 12812th March 2023 • Pilates Elephants • Raphael Bender
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Amanda and Simon are siblings who started out teaching personal training sessions in the park in Sydney Australia, and have built their business Mission Possible Fitness to 5 locations, which more on the way.

This is their story, including ups and downs, plus what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown professionally and personally.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Watch '$100k Pilates Workshop Replay' here
  • Register your interest to receive an advanced copy of Raph's book 'How to make $100k a year teaching Pilates here
  • Find Mission Possible Fitness online, on Facebook, and on Instagram
  • Connect with Simon Bryce and Amanda Dell’Aquila on Instagram

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