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Food Sustainability, Our One-Minute Cooking Tip, An Interview With Leni Sorensen, Rice Crackers, Laksa Curry & More!
Episode 3221st February 2022 • Cooking with Bruce and Mark • Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough
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We've got a legend on today's show. Leni Sorensen. We first met here when she was a culinary historian of African-American culture at Jefferson's Monticello. Now, she teaches sustainability farming and cooking in rural Virginia.

We're delighted she came on COOKING WITH BRUCE & MARK. In addition, we've got a segment on the hard problems of food sustainability in a mass-produced world. We give you a one-minute cooking tip about potholders. And we tell you what's making us happy in food this week.

We're veteran cookbook authors Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough. We've published over three dozen cookbooks with several New York publishers, including our best-selling INSTANT POT BIBLE and FREEZER TO INSTANT POT: THE COOKBOOK.

Here are the segments of this episode of COOKING WITH BRUCE AND MARK:

[00:46] Our thoughts about the hard question of food sustainability.

[10:54] Our one-minute cooking tip: Never use wet potholders!

[12:33] Bruce's interview with the culinary historian and cooking teacher Leni Sorensen.

[27:37] What’s making us happy in food this week? Laksa curry and salty brown rice crackers!



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