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Ep. 20 How Do We Pay Attention and Not Lose Hope? with Rebecca Dudley
Episode 202nd June 2022 • Psalms for the Spirit • Kiran Young Wimberly
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FOR OUR FINAL EPISODE OF SEASON TWO, TODAY'S GUEST is Rebecca Dudley – ordained minister and advisor with the New Zealand Red Cross on legal frameworks protecting people in humanitarian emergencies, speaking in a personal capacity for this podcast. Here, we discuss her "Hope Project,” in which she explores the question: how do we pay attention without losing hope? As wave after wave of bad news rolls in, it’s clear that this theme is as timely as ever, and essential for our wellbeing as we take in and respond to horrific news on a daily basis. 

In our conversation, we talk about the power of the Psalms to reach across time and culture, about hope as bridge and spark and lifeline, about how psychological first aid might support us in times of distress, and how the old spiritual traditions of vocation and intercession can help us find the small thing that is ours to do in this hurting world.

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