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How Did We Miss That - How Did We Miss That? EPISODE 3, 26th October 2020
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How badly did you miss us?! Well, we're back with an all new episode full of crime, conspiracy, and culty badness.

This week, Christine & John take a deep dive into the brutal and disturbing Roch Theriault and his Ant Hill Kids cult. Located in Burnt River, Ontario, Canada, the Ant Hill Kids cult participated in some unimaginable rituals that included everything from self mutilation to ejaculating into the heads of deceased members. Truly shocking stuff is discussed here so if you're triggered by that sort of thing, you may want to skip ahead to to the conspiracy section. Speaking of that, John skips the conspiracy theories this week and gets into an FBI cover-up for the ages instead. James "Whitey" Bulger was a household name around South Boston since the late 60s, but we missed all of that until we moved here. Learn about the FBI's help with covering up 11 murders and other serious crimes for their special informant, Bulger.

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As always, keep your heads up and look after each other...