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The 2 Best Times Of Day To Send Promotional Emails – Making Bank With Paul Counts
Episode 247th April 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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When is the very best time to send promotional emails?

When it comes to selling your products and services you want to make sure that your emails are landing in inboxes at exactly the right time!

Send them too early and people will simply snooze through them, send them too late and people have already had their fill of promo emails for the day.

We’ve caught up with email genius Paul Counts to find out the two best times of day to send out your promotional emails that will get people opening, clicking, and buying!

Episode Content

  • (2:40) Funny fact with Paul Counts 
  • (4:23) The first of two, best time of day to send an email – and why!
  • (5:57) The second, and all-time BEST, time of day to send an email – the ultimate 1-hour window.
  • (7:52) How flexible are you?!
  • (8:33) Should your emails be night owls or early risers?
  • (10:05) Paul Counts is a dirty spammer (in a good way)!
  • (12:30) How do you manage to think of enough email content to hit your subscribers with an email double-whammy every single day?
  • (14:47) You won’t believe how many emails you can actually send in one day without p*ssing off your list and you’ll make more sales!
  • (18:40) Subject line of the week with Paul Counts

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