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Business Breakthrough - Estie Rand EPISODE 113, 18th February 2021
113: The $2,750 Coffee Machine With Perry Marshall (Part 2)
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113: The $2,750 Coffee Machine With Perry Marshall (Part 2)

If you want to understand an underlying pattern that explains why you are consistently leaving money on the table then Perry Marshall is the man to talk to. Join us today as Perry uncovers the truth behind the 80/20 rule, how it applies to your business, and many other secrets that will have you earning more money immediately.

Pivotal Moments

·       Perry’s biggest highlights over his years in business was 2 years ago when he was asked to give a presentation in the Royal Society of Great Britain, which was the oldest science organisation in the world.

·       Perry went to China to see his younger brother 17 years ago. He at the time was an English teacher doing missionary work. He had gotten a masters degree in theology. However he didn’t use it then.

·       10 years later Perry published a book called Evolution 2.0 and a while after that he launched the largest fundamental science research prize in the world which was called the evolution 2.0 prize. Because what Perry found out was that when you ask where did life on earth come from the answer is no one knows.

·       Perry is an engineer, and he understands that a scientist cannot publish a paper and say God did it and that is the answer. No left or right extremes want to figure out how the world works.

·       So Perry figured that if he assigns money to it then it silences the extremes and it brings the real conversation to the surface. It opens up this very deep rabbit hole of things that you can go explore.

·       The reason Perry got invited to the Royal Society, was because the guy who invited him heard him speak on his podcast.

·       Perry worked in engineering; however he couldn’t make ends meet, so he made a leap to sales. When that didn’t work he discovered Direct Marketing. He wondered into a seminar where Dan Kennedy was speaking.

·       The first platform where Perry got sales leads was through Google. His second platform was Facebook.

·       If you understand Google advertising and Facebook advertising, you understand evolution because they work the same way.

·       Perry teaches integrated strategies where you can use the best of the different worlds.

·       Generally, the easiest way to get your step in the door, if you are doing something new, is by using facebook, because you get rapid feedback. But it eventually gets tiresome to keep up with it.

·       80% of what you are doing you might not need to be doing at all.

·       Sometimes in your life these little kisses from God show up. There is a certain way in which no matter how bad the day is that you may be having, you need a collection of them to dwell back on them.


There are 5 things that are always true anytime anyone sells anything to anyone:

1.     They have the money.

2.     They have a bleeding knack. There is an urgency why they need to solve their problem.

3.     They buy into your USP- Unique Selling Position.

4.     They have the ability to say yes.

5.     It fits their overall plan.

If you apply this to whatever you will do next, it tells you a lot. 80/20 means 20% of what you do produces 80% of what you get and the other 80% that you do produces 20% of what you do. It is a fractal pattern. This means there is a pattern in a pattern in a pattern. You can use this pattern to work predict things.

Current Business Struggle:

Perry’s company has started a science research 2.0 that specifically funds cancer research that the government won’t fund. Perry feels overwhelmed because he wants to do part of it not all of it, he needs help. He asked his friend to help out, and his friend said make a list of things you want to do and what you don’t want to do.


News is old things happening to new people.

You should read something written before Gutenberg every day. 

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