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The Wild Life - The Wild Life EPISODE 56, 19th July 2020
Did You Anole? with Chelsea Connor Part 1

Did You Anole? with Chelsea Connor Part 1

Color changing, mini lassos, islands, superpowers, vivid blues, falling of limbs, and so much more!

This first half is largely focused on the anoles, but part 2, see, Chelsea is one of the cofounders of #BlackBirdersWeek and @BlackAFinSTEM, and so our conversation in the second half largely revolves around that, SciComm, art, and at the time, the news that the nearly 1 million international students in the US would have to return home if they did not have in person classes due to COVID...a decision that might be being walked back in but things are still unclear and the conversation is important important and needed nevertheless. You’ll hear part two next week, but for now, drop and give us 50 to assert your dominance while you listen to our conversation with the wonderful...Chelsea Connor, anole expert, genius behind #DidYouAnole, contributor on anoleannals.com, and artist behind the adorable and creative anole/popsicle stickers that need to be smacked on the back of your laptop immediately!

Get her stickers here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/chelseaherps/shop?asc=u

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