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Chapter 139. That space between a Camel's humps.
Episode 1391st January 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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If memory serves, we haven't ever recorded an episode of The Corona Diaries between Christmas & New Year. Obviously I haven't gone to the trouble of actually checking that fact, I am relying purely on gut instinct and the lingering after-taste of industrial-strength descaler.

Of course the beauty of this period of the year is that it's a bit like the twilight-zone, with nobody really quite sure why everything feels just a little bit off-kilter.

You know the kind of thing I am talking about, when a Wednesday feels like a Sunday and nobody bats an eyelid if you want three shortbread petticoat tails and a glass of sherry for your breakfast.

So if ever there was a podcast, perfectly suited to this point in the calender it would be TCD, proud to live all year-round wedged between the humps of a camel.

I just can't believe it's taken this long to work it out.

Keep it TCD in 23!


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