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Secret Sauce to Manifesting (Surrender) w/Kute Blackson
Episode 511st November 2022 • Heather Parady • Heather Parady
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Is “surrendering” weak? I am sure you are like me, you have a lot of big goals, and dreams, and you pride yourself on being ambitious. When a spiritual teacher starts talking about “surrender”, you might feel a lot of resistance. Culturally our narrative around the term has been painted as a weakness like we are giving up.

However, what if our resistance around surrendering…IS the thing that is keeping everything we desire, everything we need, further away? What if surrender IS the magic that we are waiting for?

Our guest this week, Kute Blackson, a transformational speaker, and best-selling author, invites us “into a new paradigm of surrender” which he says is “the most powerful thing you can do”. 

In this conversation you will learn, the true definition of surrender, why is it key to unlocking everything you desire, and how to align all that incredible ambition (yes, its a great thing!) with your soul's calling.


  • Surrendering when things don't go according to plan
  • Surrendering doesn’t always feel good- what do we do then?
  • What about when you don't hear anything? And you don’t know how to surrender?
  • Resistance, control, and letting go of fear


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