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711: How Agrivoltaics is Doubling The Use of Scarce Land with Dan French and Dave Gahl
Episode 71125th June 2024 • SunCast • Nico Johnson
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How can we meet the growing demands for renewable energy without losing precious agricultural land? 

Agrivoltaics! It’s one of the most exciting growth sectors in solar energy! This approach leverages solar photovoltaic (PV) systems without losing the property’s agricultural capabilities, thus unlocking fertile and scarce land’s dual-use potential. 

Few have done as much to proliferate education on this topic as Dan French, Executive Producer of the Solar Farm Summit.  We recently had Dan take over as a stand-in host for Nico, and he invited Mr. Dave Gahl, Executive Director at the Solar and Storage Industries Institute to discuss all that agrivoltaic promises and what barriers still hold this promising vertical back.  

French and Gahl provide insights from the field where these practices are helping to stabilize farm revenue, enhance biodiversity, and support renewable energy goals. 

Expect to learn:

  • Key barriers to wider agrivoltaics adoption
  • How The Solar Farm Summit’s case studies help to standardize templates like grazing contracts and insurance agreements
  • Current funding opportunities for agrivoltaics projects

Discover how agrivoltaics is offering a win-win solution for farmers, energy producers, and the environment. 

And don’t miss out on the best annual agrivoltaics conference, happening in just a few weeks in Chicago - the!

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