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Yes, we're still talking about Taco Tuesday
26th May 2023 • First Bite • Nation's Restaurant News
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Lebron James has entered the Taco Bell/Taco John’s Taco Tuesday trademark tussle. So has Jack in the Box.

In a twist to Taco Bell’s fight to drop the trademark status of “Taco Tuesday” – claimed by rival Taco John’s since 1989 – NBA all-star Lebron James this week announced his support for Taco Bell’s effort. Taco Bell filed a petition to cancel the registered trademark last week, claiming its intention to “liberate” the phrase for all businesses to use.

James appears in an ad titled “Taco Bleep,” which, according to Taco Bell, “highlights the absurdity of ‘Taco Tuesday’ being trademarked and encouraging the taco community to join together in support of the liberation movement.”