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The Critical Banter Podcast - Critical Banter EPISODE 44, 14th April 2020
Rohit Fingered Who?
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Rohit Fingered Who?

The boys have well and truly adjusted to life in quarantine and recording remotely, just in time to be presented with an Easter miracle, the release of Curious George, friend of the podcast. Catholics around the world rejoiced, as children around Australia were handed another reason to stay indoors, as a menace bigger than Kushagra was back on the streets. (Coincidently, Kushagra was missing again this week, but he does tell us that Cardinal Pell sends his regards).

In non-nonce related discussion this week: faking logbook hours, bad pickup lines, a philosophical debate about Karen and a sick predator delightfully recounts the story of them anally penetrating their underage victim.

Also this week: $15,000 strobe lights, Deltora Quest, Rohitโ€™s Harry Potter fetish and a terrible BBQ.

Segments this week:

The Logue: Tired of reaching around each other (at least on the podcast), the boys have instead decided to reach around the weekโ€™s news stories, events and viral trends.

Timeline Time Machine: We take a trip down memory lane in this game as they boys try and guess their old social media posts.

Answer Reddit: Content creation is simple when you read questions off r/AskReddit and provide your own answers!

What Did We Learn: As per usual, the boys cap off the episode with a useless nugget of information. This time, they leave you with something they learned during the week (which you all probably already knew)



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