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Embracing Creativity: A Client Success Story Episode With Lauren Hirsch
Episode 11228th June 2022 • The Driven Woman Entrepreneur • Diann Wingert
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I love working with creatives and today’s guest, my client Lauren Hirsch was one of my favorites.  Lauren decided to work with me after interviewing several other coaches and even having the first session with one of them.  She had just been diagnosed with ADHD and was struggling to find direction in her career,  create consistent habits, and feel more confident and intentional.  

We worked together for 12 weeks in my 1:1 coaching program, from November - to February.  Literally the day after we finished our engagement, her boyfriend of several years, whom she was living with, broke off the relationship.  Lauren had to move out, find a new place to live, and was looking for a new job at the same time.  With this much disruption and change, Lauren was worried that all the positive changes in mindset and habits we had created together would be lost. I must admit I was a little worried about that, too. 

What you will hear in this Client Success Story interview, which was recorded almost four months after we finished working together, is that did not happen. In fact, not only is Lauren thriving in her new job and apartment, but the work we did together is so evident in the way she sees herself, the way she makes decisions, and most of all, her identity as a creative.  

Lauren learned that being creative means she literally sees and experiences the world differently, so she really can’t look to others for acceptance and approval, without first giving it to herself.  She wanted help with career direction, self-confidence, creating more structure and routines in her life, and managing her impulsivity as a multi-passionate creative.  What she got was all that, and a whole lot more.

Lauren and I talk about:  

  • Transforming perfectionism into self-trust 
  • Tuning out her inner critic and listening to her intuition 
  • Receiving constructive criticism from her boss as an opportunity 
  • Embracing her identity as a creative who can make her living from her gifts 

Mic Drop Moment:  “Creativity is an identity, not a behavior.” Lauren Hirsch

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Lauren knew she was a perfectionist before hiring me, but most of us just know we aren’t making progress without being clear about why. Perfectionism is just one of the six common struggles that may be holding you back, take my quiz and find out which one is yours, and what to do about it! 

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