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45: Tales from the Crypto
Episode 4529th September 2021 • Cyber Humanity • Immersive Labs
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First story is about someone who was “relieved” of their Bitcoin by some kids wielding malware back in 2018, when it was worth an awful lot less than it is now. There are some techie bits to this, as well as a few ethical and legal issues with the way the perps are being sued, so it’s a cracking story to get stuck into. 

What do NFTs – non fungible tokens – and Banksy have in common? It’s pretty confusing as far as stories go, but our resident clearer-upperer, Kev, is on hand to help, leaving us to wonder if this is just Banksy himself having a bit of fun. 

Sticking to the currency theme, we get knee deep in China’s digital Yuan in our next segment, and finally wrap up with a beautiful bit of OSINT from the Twitter Infosec community.