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The Supplements Market – From Slump to Surge
Episode 3112th July 2022 • CPhI Podcast Series • Informa Markets
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The supplements market is on the rise, with products like vitamins, herbal drinks, and protein powders found in more household cupboards than ever before. The increasing popularity of supplements has coincided with the rise of wellness culture and increasing interest in preventative healthcare, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the market was declining before emergence of the coronavirus reignited global sales.

Supplements can be an excellent way to cover deficiencies not addressed by food intake, but the wide range of products available in health food shops, pharmacies and supermarkets can be overwhelming for consumers. And while market growth is expected to continue, products such as herbal supplements and CBD continue to face regulatory issues and scrutiny over the soundness of their health claims.

To discuss the latest trends in the supplements space, we’re joined this month by David Ridley, Senior Editor at HBW Insight and host of Over the Counter podcast. He tells us which products surged in popularity during the pandemic, discusses the rise of self-care, and gives an overview of the regulatory environment in Europe.