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#67 In conversation with Anna Blixt (Diversity and Inclusion Educator) - Towards a more equal sports industry
Episode 6711th April 2023 • Sports CDP Crash Course - Data Talks • Data Talks
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“What story are you writing? Together, we can create a more inclusive working life where more people feel seen, heard, and safe”. These are the words you see when you land on Anna Blixt’s website. Anna Blixt is an expert diversity and inclusion educator and facilitator with a strong passion for improving the work lives of others because she believes that the workplace is the perfect starting point for societal change. Today we get to talk to Anna about the importance of diversity and inclusion in sports.

Listen to this episode to learn more about:

  1. Anna's story and her involvement in the sports industry
  2. The importance of bringing into the discussion people with different opinions on diversity and inclusion instead of just talking to those who are already in agreement
  3. Some of the reasons women/girls drop out of sports at a higher rate than men/boys
  4. Opportunities for bringing more diversity and inclusion to the sports industry
  5. Some of the positive changes we have seen so far in the sports industry

In this episode, we discuss an awesome project called, Correct the Internet, which friend to the show, Rebecca Snowden, a former New Zealand Fern, is one of the founding partners.

If you would like to hear more of Rebecca's thoughts on the women's sports space, check out this episode where she was the guest.



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