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S3 Ep6 NASA Astronaut Selection with Duane Ross
Episode 628th February 2023 • Teamcast • Mission Critical Team Institute
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NASA Astronaut Selection with Duane Ross

Mr. Duane Ross has been a key member of the Astronaut Selection Program at NASA since 1978. Duane Ross, has also been involved with or managed the Astronaut Candidate Program at NASA since 1978. He has worked at the Johnson Space Center, in Houston Texas, since 1967, and sat in Mission Control during the moon landing. He spent five decades as the Manager of the Astronaut Selection Program, which means that he has helped select almost every American astronaut in history. In partnership with Dr. Colonel, astronaut Drew Morgan we talk with Duane about some of the changes he has seen over the last 5 decades of Astronaut Selection and where he thinks we might be moving in the future.




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