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PodOn Podcast - StudioPod Media EPISODE 5, 23rd February 2021
Should I Do a Video Pod?
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Should I Do a Video Pod?

Welcome to PodOn, the podcast where we share stories from other podcasters and talk with them about the challenges we all face when beginning the podcasting journey. If you are a podcaster, we would love to hear your story and your feedback. If you love this podcast, please subscribe and share it with your friends. 

To video podcast or not to video podcast? That is the question. On this PodOn episode, Julian and TJ sit down to talk about a common podcasting dilemma: “Should I do video too?”. Traditional podcasting itself takes a lot of resources, time and effort, so it is relevant to remind folks that including video in their podcast journey is not an easy task. Listen now to learn more about the pros and cons of video podcasting, and determine if your message and ideas could find their way through visuals too.

Jump straight into:

(00:28) - Evaluating the podcast and video podcast routes - “You can do both, you just have to do both, you can’t just do one and throw it on the other. You want to have an approach for each channel.”

(04:00) - The pros and cons of producing video content - “It’s going to take more time, more money, more editing and more curation.”

(07:21) - It all comes down to the content - “While you want to create something that is visually and audibly appeasing, it is not as critical as it once was.”


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