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Are You Ready To Do The Work?
Episode 8931st May 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Have you ever wondered what REALLY happens in the Thrive or Momentum programs? Guys join so that they can get HELP with getting out of the PAIN they are feeling. So how exactly do they do that, and learn to THRIVE in every aspect of their lives? It is a man’s RESPONSIBILITY to own his sh*t and take back his power, but to make a change, you HAVE to get to the point where you are READY to do the work.

Joey Wilder is the Client Success Director here at Empowered Man, and he joins Mark on the show this week to share some of the results he sees from men in Thrive, what it’s like for guys when they first come in, and some of the biggest A-HA! moments they experience inside the programs. If you are NOT ready to do the work, this program is NOT for you. But if you are sitting on the fence and wondering how you could benefit, you DON’T want to miss this episode!

“What if what your wife thinks and says about you is none of your business? That is detaching from the outcome.”

- Mark Santiago


In This Episode:

- Find out what happens when guys FINALLY detach from the outcome, and how they show up differently

- There is ONE mistake a lot of guys make when doing this work. Here’s what it is…

- Learn why it is so hard for men to create safety for themselves

- Mark and Joey discuss the concept of the neutral woman

- Find out how to LIVE the life you feel called to live

- Learn what “going neutral” means and why it’s the very first thing Mark helps men do in the program

- You need to STOP holding onto something that is DEAD just because it’s comfortable. Here’s why…

- THIS ONE THING is the next level of leadership. Find out what it is…

And much more…


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