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A Super-Simple Pre-Launch Strategy for Your Next Product or Service
12th November 2015 • Youpreneur with Chris Ducker • Rainmaker.FM
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In this episode, Chris delves into the 5 benefits of a pre-launch strategy and how to use Periscope effectively in a launch, and generate revenue.

Would you like to know a simple yet effective strategy for your next launch?

This episode is all about that very topic. There are plenty of strategies for a pre-launch of your product or service but there is one I recently used that I haven’t seen other people using, and it was highly effective for me.

Today I’m sharing what that pre-launch strategy is and the reasons you should use it for your next online product or service. Specifically I’ll give you the top 5 benefits it offers, and the specific way I implemented it.

We’ll dive into that and much more on this episode of Youpreneur FM! Listen in and then come back on Friday when the queen of social media herself joins us, Amy Porterfield.

In this 16 minute episode I discuss:

  • How does a pre-launch generate buzz?
  • How and why you should use a pre-launch to validate your idea.
  • Why are early adopters so important in the beginning of a launch?
  • Why it’s okay to work out the kinks with your pre-launch group.
  • How to use Periscope effectively in a launch, and generate revenue.
  • Much, much more!

Listen to Youpreneur with Chris Ducker below ...

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