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Ugly babies - 3 of 5
Episode 10Bonus Episode7th May 2022 • Divided by Brand • Daniel Ocock
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Things we spoke about in this episode:

  • Whats going in in your clients brain when they engage with your brand?
  • Ugly babies. Feedback that you need to hear not want to hear
  • Cognitive Bias
  • Do your research
  • Do focus groups work?
  • Good & Bad Data

About the Brand Scran mini series:

I'm your host, Daniel Ocock featuring Co host Alistair Gladstone. Brand Scran is a bonus x5 episode mini series that aims to help uncover the value of brand strategy done right. As the CEO, Founder or Director of a business. How can brand unite your business and make you more profit? Listen to Daniel Ocock (Brand Identity Specialist) and Alistair Gladstone (Brand Strategy Expert) talking about multiple brand strategy topics for ambitious business owners to learn from.

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