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#417: Viva Aerobus Launches Compelling Loyalty Concept in Mexico
Episode 41710th August 2023 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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⁠Today’s episode features the exciting story of the "Doters" loyalty program launched by Viva Aerobus in late 2022.

Pablo Sordo joins us to share the story of how they developed the loyalty proposition for Viva Aerobus, which is a low-cost airline based in Mexico.

This simple coalition program features partnerships with the local bus company and a banking partner, allowing members to earn miles while flying, taking the bus around the country, and, of course, using their co-brand credit card.

Listen to learn from Pablo Sordo, Chief Strategy Officer for Viva Aerobus, with thanks to the Loyalty and Awards conference team for the introduction!

Pablo will be sharing further insights at the Loyalty & Awards Conference this October in Rio de Janeiro.

Show Notes

1) Pablo Sordo, Chief Strategy Officer for Viva Aerobus

2) "⁠Doters⁠" loyalty program

3) Viva Aerobus⁠

4) Loyalty and Awards⁠ conference





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