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Where Creativity Comes From with Bee Sieburg and Molly Courcelle
Episode 2024th April 2023 • Artsville • Crewest Studio + Sand Hill Artists Collective
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In this episode of the Artsville Podcast, we introduce you to two of the remarkable painters taking part in the inaugural Biltmore Lake’s Imaginative Studio Stroll (BLISS), taking place on May 6th, 2023. Dynamic mother-daughter duo Bee Sieburg and Molly Courcelle are each incredible artists in their own right. From an early age, Bee encouraged Molly to view the world with an artist’s eye, and they spent hours drawing, painting, and visiting museums together. Bee is a beloved oil painter known for her rich depictions of landscapes, interiors, and animals (cows in particular) in her signature loose style. While Molly inherited her mother’s expressive flair, she went on to develop her own unique visual language, creating beautifully layered abstract oil paintings inspired by scripture. Join us today as we delve deeper into each of their practices and find out how their work is reflective of their distinct personalities. Tuning in, you’ll hear the amazing story of Molly’s adoption and why Molly and Bee were meant to find one another. We also discuss how BLISS will be mutually beneficial for artists and visitors, what you can expect to see when you visit Molly’s house during the event, and how BLISS is bringing economic development and cultural programming to Candler, plus so much more. As our cohost-in-crime Louise Glickman says, this interview provides listeners with an opportunity to “see where creativity comes from,” so be sure not to miss it!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The story of how Molly’s birth mother requested that she be adopted by an artistic family.
  • Ways that Bee and Molly’s artworks reflect their different personalities.
  • Opportunities that BLISS provides for people to see art in a new way.
  • Molly explains why BLISS is as beneficial for the artists as it is for visitors.
  • What you can expect from Bee and Molly when they open their homes to BLISS visitors.
  • How our guests will cater to different budgets with artworks at various price points.
  • Where you can find Bee and Molly at WEDGE Studios in the River Arts District.
  • Funny anecdotes that illustrate why some of Bee’s friends call her Pig-Pen!
  • Important ways that BLISS is driving economic development in Candler.
  • Insight into OpenDoors Asheville, a non-profit organization that Bee and Molly support.
  • Things that our guests are most grateful for, including family and creativity.
  • Where Bee’s talent for floral design and her love for cows come from.
  • What makes Asheville Artsville, according to Bee and Molly.

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