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HockeyStick #10 - Generative AI in Fintech
Episode 103rd June 2024 • HockeyStick Show • Miko Pawlikowski
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Exploring FinTech and Generative AI with Industry Experts Mark Brouwer & Chris Cardell

Join Miko Pawlikowski in this episode of HockeyStick as he delves into the world of FinTech with industry veterans Mark Brouwer and Chris Cardell. Drawing from their collective 50 years of experience, Mark and Chris share insights about their new book 'Build Financial Software with Generative AI.' They discuss the evolution of FinTech, from ancient coin purses to modern AI-driven solutions, the challenges of writing a book together, the importance of adapting to new technologies, and the intricate culture within the FinTech sector. Learn about the unique obstacles faced by financial technology, regulatory impacts, and the cautious embrace of generative AI. Perfect for anyone curious about the intersection of finance and technology.

00:00 Introduction to the Episode

00:05 Meet the Guests: Mark Brower and Chris Cardell

00:35 The Story Behind the Space Shuttle Wallpaper

01:08 The Journey of Writing a Book Together

02:34 Why Write a Book on AI in Financial Software?

05:52 The Evolution of FinTech: From Coin Purses to Cryptocurrencies

08:47 Challenges and Innovations in FinTech

29:23 The Role of Generative AI in FinTech

48:09 Advice for Aspiring FinTech Professionals

51:27 Conclusion and Final Thoughts




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