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Soil Sista Saturday Episode #4 | August 21, 2021 | Corn, Sunflower, lettuce, composting challenges of fall planting
3rd September 2021 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Read the somewhat edited podcast here.
Can you hear me? Right?
I can hear you good. And you can hear me, which is good because my microphone doesn't work anymore and so I'm just using my Macbook, which is like a podcasting sin, according to most podcasters. But what can you do? There's plenty of episodes I've like put out there where I'm just talking to my phone while I'm driving, which is like, worse, almost as bad as this. But anyway, I'll get a new microphone one of these soon days, I feel like it's the cable. And like my old microphone cable's probably somewhere, but I can't find it. But you know what I did find, I found your door prize for coming to the Grow Live finally.
Remember, I was like, I have a door prize for Aileen. I couldn't find anywhere and I finally found it going through my teaching stuff last night or yesterday morning looking for some good job stickers for this kid. So I'll get that shipped off to you with like, I think I have like a little package for you I've been putting together.
Oh, that's sweet Jackie.
But I was glad to find that. Cause I was like, gosh, what did I do? Did I finally give it away? Whatever happened to that? Like I just was baffled where it was.
How was your job last week?
Oooo my job. I just feel like it's like lessons, you know, I'm learning a lot about prepping food, which like, I kind of want to start like either a food truck or farm to table, or like there's that salad bar. What is it? A salad jar lunch club, is what I really think would be my best bet if I can find. And I might've even found like a commercial kitchen, there's a new bakery in town and I almost went in there yesterday morning, but I had to get