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3 top tips for a good night’s sleep
Episode 2017th March 2022 • The Safety Conversation with SHP • Informa Markets
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In this episode, we speak to campaigner and SHP’s Most Influential Individual in health & safety, Dr Mavis Nye about her work raising awareness of dangers of asbestos exposure, and we hear from Lisa Artis, Deputy CEO at the Sleep Charity, who provides three quick fixes to immediately improve your sleep.

Dr Mavis Nye was voted as SHP’s Most Influential Individual for 2021 by SHP readers. In this episode, we chat to Mavis about her work as a campaigner for the dangers of asbestos exposure and the lack of awareness that still exists, and how living with Mesothelioma impacts her life.

Mavis has been described as a ‘tour de force, and an absolute dynamo for Asbestos Awareness’. She lives with Mesothelioma every day of her life, having been diagnosed a few years ago, and spends her life campaigning for asbestos awareness and removal.

We also hear from qualified sleep practitioner, Lisa Artis, Deputy CEO at the Sleep Charity. Lisa speaks about how important sleep is, when it comes to people’s health and wellbeing, how it’s often overlooked in the workplace and provides some top tips on how you can make some small and quick changes, to immediately improve your sleep. (14:10)

Lisa was named SHP’s Trailblazer in Workplace Wellbeing for 2021.

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