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Insert coin: Why I almost bought a vending machine business
Episode 428th June 2023 • Stark Naked Numbers • Jason Andrew
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Hope you’ve got some loose change handy, because it’s time to find out what it takes to run a successful vending machine business. 

I’m Jason Andrew, and this is Stark Naked Numbers. It’s the podcast that strips down the numbers of business, investing and wealth creation to help you become a better entrepreneur and a better investor, and ultimately build your net worth. 

A guilty weekend pleasure of mine is scouring the web for businesses to buy. It’s a mostly harmless vice – but it does lead me down some interesting rabbit holes. Like the time I seriously considered buying a vending machine business.

Join me to explore the economics of how vending machines make money – because they could just be the nice little earner you’ve been looking for. 


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Show Notes: 

(0:34) Why scouring business broker websites is my guilty weekend pleasure, and why more people should consider investing in businesses instead of property. 

(3:16) How I found myself on the precipice of buying a vending machine business 

(6:10) What I learned about the vending machine industry 

(8:38) My tragic vending machine backstory 

(11:08) The pros and cons of owning a vending machine business 

(15:47) What is the moat? What gives a vending machine business a durable competitive advantage? 

(17:57) My final decision. To vend or not to vend?