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How To Take A Break From Your Business With Alyson Caffrey
Episode 2307th September 2023 • Coffee and Converse • Diane Mayor
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Whether you have a life change coming up, need a break for a passion project, or just want an alternative to burning it all down, a sabbatical might be just what you need.

Alyson Caffrey walks you through preparing your business to run without you for a week, a month, a quarter, you decide. 

Key Takeaway

Even if you think you’ll never take a sabbatical from your business, chances are that circumstances outside your control may force one on you in the future. It is better to prepare and not need the break than to need a break and not be prepared for it.

We talk about

  • Your sabbatical personality type
  • What to prepare before you take your sabbatical and do on sabbatical
  • How to come back after your sabbatical to maximize the effect
  • What on earth to tell your clients before you head out
  • What Alyson left out of the book that she still wants people to know


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