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Josh Pugh
Episode 4310th November 2022 • Stupid Hearts Club • Nico Tatarowicz
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Welcome to the Stupid Hearts Club! The Club for everyone with a Stupid Heart


This week I am joined by a BRAND NEW GUEST comedian and resident of somewhere quite near Coventry, Josh Pugh. You will see that Josh is starting to pop up on TV shows here and there and he is a formidable live stand up act. He is soon touring his 2022 Edinburgh show 'Sausage, Egg, Josh Pugh, Chips and Beans'. Check him the hell out.

We worked together earlier in the year and his Insta really makes me laugh, here we perform the working class background version of trying to talk about geopolitical events and I patronizingly come across all Obi Wan, warning a fully grown man with a busier diary than me, all about the perils of showbiz. He takes it very generously. I do hope he pops into the old folks home now and then in his Jag, to let me know how he is doing before signing some autographs and leaving with one of the carers phone numbers.





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