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New Housing & Business Developments in Marysville, MI
Episode 22nd August 2021 • Our Shoreline - Your Horizon • WGRT 102.3 FM
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Host Dan Casey talks with Randy Fernandez, Marysville Michigan City Manager, about:

  • Marysville city growth
  • New investments at ZF Axle Drives
  • SMR, TI Automotive, Intertape Polymer, Magna
  • Necessary components of economic growth: jobs, tax base
  • The Village of Marysville - new residential development
  • Boddy Construction
  • Presidential Estates Marysville
  • Northern edge of Metro Detroit Area
  • St. Clair County craftsman, brick layers
  • Talented workforce in St. Clair County
  • Job training and education at RESA and St. Clair County Community College
  • Vacant land in Marysville Michigan
  • Addressing the housing shortage
  • Auction of the Mighty Marysville property on August 26th
  • Prime waterfront property available in Michigan
  • Marysville City Council
  • Deep water seaport available for sale
  • Crime in Marysville
  • Marysville School District
  • Living in Marysville Michigan

Learn more about the City of Marysville on their website here:

Learn more about the EDA of St. Clair County here: