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TubbTalk - The Podcast for IT Consultants - Richard Tubb EPISODE 72, 3rd May 2020
[72] How to do awesome live-streams & virtual events
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[72] How to do awesome live-streams & virtual events

Richard chats to Phylip Morgan, tech entrepreneur and influencer and one of PCR Magazine’s Top 50 UK Executives, and Ben Harding, Director of Fresh Events, the go-to events company for the tech industry, who provide everything you need in one place. 

Richard, Phylip and Ben discuss what hybrid events are and how the IT industry can embrace them, the tech you need to run an online event and why customer service and engagement is even more important. 

They also talk about what MSPs can do to support their customers during this tricky period and how to get more comfortable on camera. This episode was live-streamed, so there’s also a Q&A session where Phylip and Ben answered viewer questions during the interview. 

You can find out more about Ben by searching for him on LinkedIn, or go to: www.freshproductions.co.uk. Likewise, you can find Phylip Morgan on most platforms, so search for him on your preferred tool and he’s happy to answer questions.