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The Kundalini Chronicles – Communicating in Stereo
Episode 330th November 2020 • The Kundalini Chronicles • Scott Bryant-Comstock
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In this episode, Scott explores the concept of communication and shares how his Kundalini awakening has transformed his communication skills.

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This podcast features the lessons learned from Scott Bryant-Comstock's Kundalini Awakening. Scott shares aspects of his kundalini awakening, reads a spontaneously written poem coming straight from the universe, and provides a bit of homework to help guide you in your own self discovery for improvement.

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Letter to my spiritual teacher shared in this episode:


~ by Scott Bryant-Comstock ~

When I speak to you, the conversation is always in stereo. 

One channel engages the material you, the you that is of this world–objective, emotional, serious, funny, playful, thoughtful, and creative. All of the things that are of this world. 

The other channel is like a pipeline to the universe. A rhythmic, pulsing wave of light. Not warm, not cold, but all encompassing, in a warm and comforting way. 

The words that come from my mouth, in the material channel, do their part and do it well. It doesn't matter what the words are. What matters is the impact the words have on the visual, and auditory clues I pick up from you. 

The words that come from me are on a very specific mission as the sound waves leave my mouth and travel to your ears. 

Do you like me? check. 

Do I entertain you? check. 

Do I make you laugh? Check. 

Do my words make you think better of me? Check. 

Do my words validate me? Check.

The material channel in my head is a fragile place to be. Like the peacock fluffing his plume, I constantly flex my words, seeking your approval. 

The other channel is tuned to the river in my head, the cosmic universe of sound and light. And my full attention is on bathing your soul with the energy of the universe. It's as if I create a tributary off of the river to flow directly into your being, filling you with healing light. 

How strange it is that simultaneously I can use my words in our conversation to feed my insecure ego, caring more about how you perceive me than focusing on you. 

And at the same time, from the other stereo channel, bathing you with love and light, knowing from deep inside my being that all that really matters is sharing the essence of the universe. 

Words are unnecessary props for universe dialogue. 

Words are tried and true props for material dialogue.

And that's where the stereoscopic dance ensues. 

The blend of the universe conversation taking place on one channel, and the material world conversation taking place on the other. 

My effectiveness as a communicator probably can be measured by my ability, no, willingness, to let the universe channel have a moment or two to be in charge before the material channel barges in and takes over. 

When I listen to you talk, as I did today, in a situation where I did not interrupt, but just listened–now that was bliss. 

When I am able to keep my ego in check and just listen, magic happens. It is a most beautiful thing. 

As you spoke, I closed my eyes and absorbed the energy in your voice. I heard the words, but quickly focused, not on the material channel where words live, but on the universe channel, where the essence of all of us live. And I heard you loud and clear.. I heard your compassion, I heard your doubt, and I heard your faith. 

And I say I heard those things, but that's not quite right. More like I became those things. I merged with you. Yes, I heard the words on the material channel and I understood them, but they were like elevator music in the background of the cosmic connection taking place between the river in my head and your essence. 

And as you continue to talk, our essences merged, like an electromagnetic force field.

And while we were in the midst of a Sufi dance on one channel, and material words on the other channel, your teacher appeared. I have no idea who your teacher is. But he, at least I think it was a he, appeared, and had a bemused loving smile on his face. 

I have to laugh at that description, for I could not see him, haven't the slightest idea what he looks or sounds like. But I could feel him. He wanted me to let you know that he was pleased with you and your contribution to nurturing the human spirit through your teachings. 

It was a very powerful moment. And part of this whole Kundalini experience that I'm still trying to wrap my head around, and it brought tears to my eyes. And I'm not sure you noticed on the zoom call, but if he saw me crying, that was why he was sitting there chuckling full of love, enjoying you. And again, I have no visual reference for that. It was just a feeling that was infused in my soul. 

The more focused I was listening to you talk, the stronger the universe channel became. The words on the material channel were quite content to be elevator music, and the river flowed mightily on the universe channel, flooding me and flooding you with the message that you needed to hear on this day. With no words, needing to be spoken.