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Serious Business: Marketing Your Art in a Flat World
7th February 2016 • The Thriving Artist • The Clark Hulings Foundation
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Being serious about your business as an artist is more than paperwork; it's also mindset. Bette is a working artist, gallery owner, graphic designer, and author of the best-selling book: Talent is Just the Beginning - An Artists’ Guide to Marketing in the 21st Century. Sue is Vice President for marketing for the Messenger Art Collection, one of the largest, most diverse private collections in the U.S.

Together, Bette and Sue are based in Santa Fe, NM, and run Ridgeway and Roderick Art Services, which provides hands-on career evaluation and marketing to artists, galleries, and collectors. Bette and Sue delve into three key imperatives for the working artist.

Take Your Art Seriously As a Business

  • Hobby vs. Business: What Art Has in Common With Every Other Enterprise
  • The Importance of a Stunning Website to Catch Collectors' Eyes
  • The Minimum of 20+ Pieces and the Collateral Needed to Break Out

Market Yourself for the Flat World

  • Develop Communities Around Your Art Practice
  • Distinguish Your Appeal in a Global Search Environment

Develop A Mindset for Success

  • "Collectors Are Interested in Who Did It"
  • Thriving Requires: Differentiation + Promotion + Multiple Income Sources

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