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Want more gospel truth and Biblical preaching? Announcing the new Daily Thunder Podcast!
Episode 11515th May 2019 • Deeper Christian Podcast • NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson)
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Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 115

I love listening to the Word of God being proclaimed. Especially from someone who is passionate about Jesus and His Word.

Eric Ludy, myself, and the team at Ellerslie Mission Society have officially launched our new podcast called "The Daily Thunder Podcast" which is a DAILY proclamation of gospel truth.

If you desire a daily infusion of encouragement, edification, and equipping, I highly encourage you to check out the Daily Thunder Podcast (either searching for it on your favorite podcast platform or by checking out the webpage).

In this short episode, I discuss what the Daily Thunder Podcast is, the format of the show, and how you can watch the content live or listen to the replay via the podcast.

** And don't worry, the Deeper Christian Podcast isn't going anywhere … this is ADDITIONAL content released daily! 

Download the shownotes for this episode and get other Christ-centered teaching and resources at: