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Every Man's Work Mindset
Episode 11430th November 2022 • The Confident Man Podcast • David Maxwell
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Work is not a four-letter word but it is often treated as something bad or evil in our society. This approach misses the positive benefits of work for us. The truth is men were created for work. When we work, it makes us better men in many different ways. How we approach work is also important. Our mindset for work is one of the biggest influences on our mindset toward every area of our lives.

The Work Attitude

  • We have to recognize that our attitude toward work affects all aspects of it
  • Work is necessary for us as men
  • Financially
  • Holistically
  • Work has gotten a bad rap in our society and many men have a bad attitude toward it
  • Work helps to make men better
  • Men who don't work turn their energy and passion toward negative things

The Work Approach

  • Ask yourself the question: "What is my attitude toward work?"
  • The best way for us to approach work is with an "all-in" attitude
  • Men are designed to have an all-in attitude
  • Our attitude toward our job is the biggest influence on how we do at it
  • We should approach our work with an all-in attitude
  • If we hold back, that becomes an attitude that affects the rest of our life
  • Your work approach will be your life approach

The Work Benefits

  • As men, we need to look at work as something more than just something we do to make money
  • There are many benefits we get from work
  • Growth
  • Attitude
  • Change
  • Satisfaction
  • Worth
  • Work has more influence on men's lives than most of them realize
  • How you approach your work, makes a big difference in your life

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