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Building a Post-Scarcity Future using Machine Learning with Pavle Jeremic (Aether Bio)
Episode 1819th January 2021 • Machine Learning Engineered • Charlie You
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Pavle Jeremic is the founder and CEO of Aether Biomachines, one of the most exciting ML-powered startups I've come across. His mission is to solve scarcity and Aether is the first step towards that. He was recently featured in Forbes' 30 under 30 in Manufacturing and holds a B.S. in Biomolecular Engineering from UC Santa Cruz.

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Aether Biomachines

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02:45 Pavle Jeremic

05:20 How Pavle was introduced to computer science and programming

08:00 Solving scarcity from first principles

23:20 How Aether contributes to the post-scarcity future

29:30 What enzymatic reaction data looks like

37:20 Using deep learning to figure out what enzymatic experiments to run next

39:45 How Aether runs thousands of experiments at a time

47:00 What the current bottleneck of the system is

53:15 The evolution of ML models at Aether

59:00 Gaps in existing ML infrastructure solutions

01:03:30 Why Aether is releasing some of their data for a competition

01:06:50 The upcoming roadmap for Aether

01:09:30 Rapid fire questions


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